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Studio 1

Room. 19 m (length) x 18.80 m (width) x 5.50 m (height). 360 m².

Studio 2

Room. 21,40m (length) x 18,80m (width) x 5,50m (height). 400m²

Studio 3

Great room with thermal and acoustic insulation. 55 m (length) x 28 m (width) x 7.20 m (height). 1.540 m².

The silo building

Three multi functional floors connected together by industrial spiral staircases.

The gallery

The new indoor gallery provides a direct link from the main street to the elevator


Brussels Event Brewery nv (BEB) was created in the summer of 2000. In a very short period the old bottlery of the former Bellevue Brewery became a temple for Corporate Events.

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