Room capacity: 
Concert (stand up) 3000
Cocktail/Walking Diner 2000
Seated diner/Banquet 1200
Cabaret 1000
Theater 1500
Classroom 800
U-Shape 250
Board or Hollow Square 250

Studio 3

Great room with thermal and acoustic insulation. 55 m (length) x 28 m (width) x 7.20 m (height). 1.540 m².

With its 1540m² surface and its 7,20m (5,50m under technical ceiling) height this hall is a unique place for all kind of events offering space to more than 2000 people. Great facilities such as a very functional catering area and ten dressing rooms with shower and rest room facilities are offering all the required comfort. Four mobile beer and soft drink stands are at the client's disposal and can be connected in different places throughout the hall.

Catering area

A special catering area of 200m² has been built in order to suit all catering companies. This area has several accesses to the event hall and can be accessed even by trucks from outside the building. The walls have a full white tile surface.

The area provides several water supplies and drainage. Different types of electricity supply (380V/230V) allow all types of catering.

Technical room

The technical room houses the heating and air refreshing systems for the main Hall and provides also an electricity power of 600kVA, largely sufficient to cope with the biggest spectacles.

Emergency exits

A hall that can contain such a large crowd of people needs to provide in fast evacuation in case fire or other calamities occur. In surplus of the plenty already existing entrances and exits, BEB for that purpose created two large evacuation rooms. These special fire exits give direct access to the Independence Street, providing to the public evacuation in matter of no time of the hall. Safety First!

Dressing rooms

BEB created ten rooms directly accessing to the main hall that can be used either as dressing rooms for artists either as production offices. Eight of those have common rest rooms and shower, two other have their own. These rooms are accessible from the Back Stage Parking lot.

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Brussels Event Brewery nv (BEB) was created in the summer of 2000. In a very short period the old bottlery of the former Bellevue Brewery became a temple for Corporate Events.

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