Technical ceilings as an additional service

05/25/2012 - 10:30

Brussels Event Brewery, a long-standing bottling plant of the Bellevue brewery, has been an established name in the event venue industry since 2001. But that does not mean that Brussels Event Brewery can rest. With targeted investments the ultimate event location is being built. The latest addition is a series of technical ceilings.

Numerous major companies and global corporations have already found their way to the multi-faceted location in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. The studio concept of Brussels Event Brewery allows them to be creative. However, until recently this formula had a downside.

"We came to the conclusion that every time we had to start from scratch in studios", says Jan Goditiabois, CEO of Brussels Event Brewery. "Because of that the cost for an event could be very high. Before starting to rig and install the light, sound and other equipment, additional building days and preparations were necessary." The solution for this lost time and cost was obvious. Therefore, Brussels Event Brewery invested in the required technical ceilings. "Studio 1 (360 m²), Studio 2 (400 m²) and Studio 3 (1540 m²) are now equipped with technical ceilings. Altogether they represent one hundred meter of bridges, including motors. In the past it was often noon before the light and sound equipment could be installed. Now this can be done after a mere half an hour. With this investment we seek to lower the threshold for the customer to opt for a studio."

Proper technical support is provided to the customer when using the technical ceilings. "Soundfield installed the technical ceilings. Obviously, it knows best how the ceilings work and it provides the proper support. Of course, it is up to the customer to use their preferred light and sound company. If the customer chooses Soundfield, they can use the bridges and ceilings for free. If another company is chosen, a small fee will be asked, i.e. 750 EUR for Studio 3 and 250 EUR for either Studio 1 or 2. Also in this case we will properly inform the customer to ensure an efficient installation."

Regardless of the investment Brussels Event Brewery keeps focusing on the same target customers as before: major corporate events with 200 to 2000 guests. The main goal of the technical ceilings is to make events more efficient and less expensive. 

"For the investment we also had the economic crisis in mind. Numerous customers think that a studio is too expensive and therefore they go to a location where everything is pre-installed, and where events all look the same. This cannot be the intent, because every customer likes to leave his or her own mark on an event. And the proper place to do that is a studio. This investment allows us to bring studios closer to people", concludes Jan Goditiabois. 

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Brussels Event Brewery nv (BEB) was created in the summer of 2000. In a very short period the old bottlery of the former Bellevue Brewery became a temple for Corporate Events.

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