Room capacity: 
Surface 950m² / 3 levels
Concert (stand up) 250 pers
Cocktail/Walking Diner 850 pers
Seated diner/Banquet 370 pers / 2 levels
Cabaret 100
Theater 130
Classroom 80
U-Shape 40


The silo building

Three multi functional floors connected together by industrial spiral staircases.

Named after the huge tanks ('silos') of the former brewery, nowadays replaced by beautiful welded spiral staircases, these multi functional rooms are located on three levels.

The Silo Building

The ground floor is accessible from the Court Yard. It is the Bar Lounge area of the BEB, mainly used as bar, cocktail lounge, party or meeting room. A large selection of beers and soft drinks are served from the Brewery Inbev. Its 475m² allows approximately five hundred people. Three grand windows offer a view of the Court Yard.

The Diner room

The third silo room is located on the first floor and has a surface of 270m².This room is perfectly suited for art expo but often is it been used for diners up to 220 people, cocktails, meetings, projections up to 140 people and all kinds of parties. The floor is accessible from the Ground level and offers a beautiful view of the Court Yard.

Catering area

A catering area (55m²) is even so provided for use of the silo rooms. It is of course not as large as the one serving the main hall but the same principles remain. The BEB has a partnership with 4 caterers. This area is located on the ground floor.


Brussels Event Brewery nv (BEB) was created in the summer of 2000. In a very short period the old bottlery of the former Bellevue Brewery became a temple for Corporate Events.

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